St. Francis Xavier Parish is a community of people who believe in being Church in all of its diversity
--spanning the spectrum from traditional to contemporary.  We try to live vibrant lives formed by the gospel and the awareness that, at all times, we are embraced by Christ.  Our Eucharistic celebrations are the center of our shared faith life, and active participation in the wide array of ministries is a highly valued priority.  We are committed to life-long faith formation and growth, and provide opportunities for this through the RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults), Day School, School of Religious Education, High School QUEST, Young Adult Ministry, Adult Faith Formation, and SPRED (Special Religious Education).

There is great, multi-generational affection for the parish on the part of its 3200 households and a true sense of family exists among the members of St. Francis Xavier Parish.  New and veteran parishioners describe St. Francis as a place where you are welcomed and feel you belong--no matter who you are.  Although not primarily an ethnically diverse community, there is good economic diversity.  Parishioners have a strong investment in and commitment to the needs of fellow parishioners, the wider local community, and the world as evidenced, for example, through the work of the Ministry of Care, the SFX Food Pantry, and our yearly involvement in forming building crews for Habitat for Humanity.

Thank you for your interest in St. Francis Xavier!  Hopefully, you will find the information, opportunities, and faith community you are looking for by exploring the various pages of our parish website.  We look forward to you visiting St. Francis Xavier and, perhaps, joining us on our journey of faith.

May we remember that we all live in the presence of God--always!

John Hoffman (Pastor) and Staff